We booked in for a free consult to see how we could help our son. Our expectations were high based on the reviews from the other parents on the website and Karen met those expectations! The consult was extremely positive; Karen and her approach to therapy was what we were looking for, for [our son]. Karen was professional and informative and positively added to our awareness of ABA.

I booked a free consult after wonderful feedback from an aspect consultant as well as from friends in the industry who spoke highly of Karen Wong. [Before the consult] I was confused, worried, stressed, not knowing what to expect or how to get the help for our son. Karen was wonderful, she explained about the process and the kind of therapy that would cater for our son, she was straight forward and honest to me in her opinion which I really appreciate. It made me feel better and have a thorough understanding about autism and how which is the best method to treat our son. All my questions were very well answered and thorough, in a way that eased my concerns and help me to make my decision. TLC was very helpful I admire Karen’s open and honest answers to all of my questions. It helped us to make the right decision for our son and that ABA is a great program with results and with Karen’s advice and guidance gave me an insight to what ABA truly is. I did my research and through friends in the industry who spoke highly of TLC, and with the consultation with Karen and her broad knowledge and explanation it made me make my decision to go with TLC.

I have seen significant progress in [my son] within the first month of therapy, the therapist are wonderful, At first everything was so overwhelming to me trying to understand everything; but when I have raised my worries and problems, the TLC team is fantastic. They are there to help with with all my questions and calm me down when I am a nervous wreck, always giving guidance and direction.


When I learnt that recovery from Autism was possible, I knew that we had to give T that chance.  In 1 year and 4 months our son has gone from a vocabulary of 5 words to using 6 word sentences.  I would never have been able to fathom it.  He has become a happy and independent little boy who is very capable of expressing himself in his world.
Our son’s program is managed thoroughly and consistently by his supervisor who is exceptionally professional and skilled in the techniques of ABA.  I will forever be grateful for her guidance and thankful that we chose [TLC].

DN(Parent of T)

“Thanks again guys! So grateful for everything.

Really impressed with Karen’s testing technique and style and rapport with A, will recommend you to others!! Still can’t believe you got him to concentrate for that long..”

JW (parent of A, 5 ½ yrs)

Our son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at around three years of age, and we were unsure as to which kind of therapy to pursue. Although we had some initial misgivings in respect of the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) approach, we decided to provisionally explore [TLC]’s offering. This commenced at age three-and-a-half.

After a year and a half of intensive ABA therapy by trained [TLC] therapists, our son has made significant gains in his abilities to care for and express himself – to the point where he can now attend a mainstream school. Not only has he been receiving effective, appropriate therapy that upholds his dignity, our family has also been supported with practical advice which has enhanced the quality of his care outside of therapy.

The staff at [TLC] are genuinely dedicated to improving the prospects of their young charges. We are particularly grateful for the efforts made by Ashmita Naidu, Kristina and Ramona, all under Karen Wong’s careful and sensible guidance. We unreservedly recommend their services.

IL(parent of J)

Commencing an ABA program with [TLC] has been the only effective program we have found for our son. [TLC] have taught my son to enter our world – where you have to listen and respond. Skills have been unearthed, which, I believe, would never otherwise have been found.

The best thing about [TLC] is they know the possibilities that await the journey’s end. We now dream dreams that we would never have dared for our boy. Whatever his future may be, we will know that we have done the best we could do for our son. We have put our son’s future in the hands of Karen Wong and she has not let us down.

KH(parent of M)

Hi to all at [TLC], My son D. was a client of [TLC] for his preschool and kindergarten years. He is now nine years old and in fourth grade at the same school he attended when he was a client.

I recently took him to a psychologist for an assessment and thought it was a good time to give you all an update on how he is doing.

D. is attending school without any outside special needs support. He has friends and enjoys extra curricular activities like sport groups and drama. He is a funny, lovable, happy, well behaved child. The psychologist we visited last week described him as charming and engaged. He did not think D. qualified for any kind of ASD diagnosis.

Academically he is doing ok, tested at average levels in the NAPLAN last year. He reads independently and is enjoying the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” books.

I am so thankful for his years with [TLC]; it really got him on the right track. It was all worth it; therapy sessions, and the shadowing in the classroom really paid off for him. He was lucky to start so young, and have such skilled people working with him. I would particularly like to thank Aarathy Kumar for her loving patience and dedication.”

AS(parent of D)

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