The Learning Clinic can custom design training workshops to suit the needs of any group. Please complete the form below if you would like a specific workshop.

The following are our highest demand training workshops

Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis (REGISTER FOR OUR NEXT WORKSHOP!)
minimum of 4 people
This course is designed for people interested in becoming an ABA therapist. It is hands on, with theory being interspersed with plenty of role play. We keep the groups small to encourage discussion and ensure adequate practise of practical skills are included. The following areas are covered in ABA therapist Training:

  • Introduction to Autism
  • Principles of Behaviour Analysis
  • Discrete Trial
  • Reinforcement
  • Prompting and fading
  • Discrimination Training
  • Shaping and Chaining
  • Maintenance and Generalisation
  • Behaviour Management
  • Data Taking

Intermediate Applied Behaviour Analysis
minimum of 4 people
This course is for experienced therapists and covers the following areas; however these are also available as separate training workshops (1:1 available):

  • Verbal Behaviour
  • Toilet Training
  • How to teach play
  • School shadowing
  • How to run a play date
  • Advanced Behaviour Management