TLC Consultants, senior therapists and therapists work with clients in the school environment to ensure appropriate generalisation of skills mastered in the home setting and to teach new skills that are specific to a school environment.

TLC Consultants work with parents, teachers and principals/directors to discuss goals and develop an individual education plan (IEP) that is appropriate for the environment and incorporates those goals. Consultants observe the child in the school environment each term to continue to provide feedback, strategies and update the IEP.

To assist with implementing the IEP, TLC therapists can shadow children at school. The school environment has significantly more sensorial distractions than the home environment; shadows aid with this transition by providing non-intrusive prompts to help children settle into this new learning space.

Children learn to listen to individual and group instructions, work independently, participate in group time, pack away and engage in peer social interactions. They learn to follow rules and understand which rules apply in which situations. Therapists are able to shadow clients in any school setting including preschool, childcare, primary school and school excursions and camps.

Each shadowing plan is designed specifically to suit the child and the environment. The aim of every shadowing plan is to fade the therapist out of the setting to the child is attending school independently. Occasionally, an “unknown shadow” will be utilised (a therapist the child is not familiar with) to help with the transition.