TLC programs include parent supportAt TLC we strongly believe in supporting parents and families as they undertake an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program. Prior to commencing a program, families receive training on the basics of autism, ABA, skill acquisition and behaviour management. Here is what we know:

  • children have optimal outcomes when their environment is consistent
  • children have optimal outcomes when their families are involved
  • knowledge is power

By providing our families with the skills and knowledge to help their children learn, grow and succeed, we are empowering families and while also optimising the success of our client’s ABA programs.

Alongside fortnightly clinic meetings (progress meetings with the child’s entire clinical team); we provide families with ongoing training each month. Consultants work with parents and the client on skills and behaviours that occur in daily home life to ensure generalisation and functional effectiveness of skills – with the focus usually being on communication, behaviour management and self care. These ongoing training sessions also allow the parents an opportunity to raise issues that have occurred since the last meeting, discuss any concerns they may have about the program or progress for their child and plans for future therapy goals. Together, TLC consultants and parents develop solutions or ways to address these concerns as a team.

TLC consultants are regularly in contact with our families in between meetings via phone or email, providing ongoing support throughout their child’s program and, if needed after it has been completed.