Does your child show signs of anxiety?

Do they find it difficult to relax or calm their thoughts?

Are they fearful and ‘on edge’ about new or unknown experiences?

Are you unsure how to support them through their worries?

The Cool Kids ASD Program may be able to help you and your child.

Cool Kids ASD is a clinical program researched and developed by Macquarie University to provide practical skills to children and their parents to understand and better manage anxiety.

The original program (Cool Kids) has been adapted to suit the learning style and challenges that arise for children who also have an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Is this program suitable for my child?

The Cool Kids ASD program is designed for children who have a formal diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder with an indication that the ASD is described as mild, or level 1 ‘requiring support’.
The program will NOT be suitable if your child:
  • is unable to communicate verbally
  • displays significant oppositional, hyperactive or aggressive behaviours
  • has significant learning delays (concepts and written work in the program require a Year 1-2 level of literacy)
  • is at risk due to school refusal, abuse, out of home placement, suicidal thoughts or self harming behaviours

These exclusions are in place to ensure that each child enrolling in this program will benefit from it.

Treatment Information

  • The Cool Kids ASD Program is designed for children aged 7 to 12 years  (however, we may accept children aged 6 years, if suitable).
  • The program has a parent component for every therapy session.
  • Sessions are located at our clinic in Gladesville and are attended by the child and at least one parent (though there is a distinct advantage if both parents are able to attend).
  • Sessions are facilitated by a psychologist who has had specialised training in the ASD adaptation of the Cool Kids Program.
  • The program is delivered over 10 weekly sessions, with up to 2 follow up sessions as required.