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Am I eligible for any funding to help with the cost of an ABA program?

There is some financial assistance available – please see the funding page for more information.

Can I use my NDIS plan to pay for TLC services?

TLC is a registered NDIS provider. If you have chosen to self manage your funds, you have access to our complete suite of services. If you have an agency managed plan, access to our our services will depend on the categories covered in your plan.

How many hours of therapy will my child be required to have?

Research indicates that best results are achieved when children have access to early and intensive behaviour intervention, usually a minimum of 20 hours per week. Our recommendations are generally in line with these indications, however we can also design programs that are less intensive to work on specific skills. It’s important to understand that while gains can still be made with fewer hours; we cannot achieve comparable results with less intensive intervention and the goals we target will need to be reduced in these instances.

Reference: Autism spectrum disorder: Evidence-based/evidence-informed good practice for supports provided to preschool children, their families and carers by Roberts, Williams, Smith & Campbell (2016)

My child does not talk, how is behaviour therapy going to help him/her?

Everything we do is a behaviour, including language. We use the principles of ABA to teach language, social skills, play, motor skills, adaptive skills, cognitive skills and more. ABA is a methodology that can be used to teach any skill, not just to change behaviour.

Does TLC provide/support biomedical intervention?

TLC does not employ any medical staff and we do not provide biomedical intervention. We strongly recommend you seek the advice of qualified doctors specialising in biomedical treatment prior to engaging in this type of intervention. We will provide practical support for any treatment, where possible.

Does TLC employ therapists?

Yes. TLC trains and employs senior therapists and therapists to assist in the delivery of our ABA programs.

Can we hire our own therapists for our child’s program?

Yes, you are welcome to hire your own staff.

What is the difference between a TLC therapist and an independent therapist?

  • TLC therapists and senior therapists are employed by TLC. We take responsibility for their:
    • wages (including tax and superannuation)
    • scheduling
    • working with children and police checks
    • annual first aid training.
    • ongoing training
  • TLC staff are provided with a 50-60 hours of intensive training and rigorous daily evaluations prior to commencing 1:1 therapy. Our training continues to be the most intensive and high standard training in the industry.
  • We invest heavily in our therapists, providing them with regular and ongoing high quality training to ensure effective and successful delivery of our programs. We have always received fantastic feedback about our staff and believe they are the best trained therapists in the industry.

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