Michelle Valero is a registered psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with families and individuals with additional needs.

Michelle began working as an ABA therapist in 1996. She eventually joined CARD Australia (now TLC) in 2002 as a Senior Therapist, providing services in Sydney and the United Arab Emirates. She became a Supervisor and worked with CARD until 2007. From 2007, she delivered government-funded programs and services based on ABA principles and Positive Behaviour Support throughout Metropolitan Sydney.

Michelle has worked in in early childhood within homes, child cares, preschools and schools; working closely with clients, families, educators and relevant stakeholders within a trans-disciplinary team. She is experienced at delivering trainings and consultations to parents, educators and allied health professionals and working collaboratively with teachers and principals within schools for Special Purposes (SSP), schools with support classes and mainstream schools to provide individualised support for students and classrooms throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Region.

Michelle rejoined Team TLC in 2015 as a Behaviour Consultant and is passionate about providing families, individuals and professionals with support to allow inclusive access across a wide range of settings.

Michelle maintains an active role in the autism and ABA community by presenting to parents and professionals. She continually updates her skills and knowledge by attending conferences, trainings, workshops and supervision.