The Learning Clinic is a boutique ABA Therapy clinic, leading the way in the treatment of autism.

Here are 8 reasons to choose TLC and make a sound investment in your child’s future:


  • We opened our doors in January 1997 as the Australian office of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), a global leader in Autism treatment.
  • Today, The Learning Clinic is Sydney’s oldest and most experienced ABA clinic – we have been helping children, adolescents and adults with autism to learn, grow and succeed for over 20 years.

High Quality ABA training

  • The Center for Autism and Related Disorders is a leader in this area and we are proud to deliver their gold standard training to our team and make it available to external therapists.
  • Our intense ABA therapist training workshop follows a strict protocol to train therapists in using best practice when working with children with autism within an ABA program.
  • Our training is delivered face to face by an experienced clinician so we can take the time to answer questions and provide feedback.
  • Our training is delivered to small groups (maximum of 8) to ensure there is adequate time and attention given to every trainee.
  • Our training is hands on, incorporating plenty of role play to ensure trainees are comfortable and confident in the delivering therapy in the field.

Superior therapists

  • TLC therapists benefit from our initial intensive training as well as regular ongoing training and updating of their skills as they progress in their ABA careers.
  • On top of the initial theory and role play training with an experienced clinician, TLC therapists spend a minimum of 30 hours in the field training with an experienced TLC senior therapist.
  • TLC therapists undergo written and practical assessments, which they are required to pass with a minimum score of 80%, before they are able to work 1:1 with children in our programs.
  • TLC therapists are required to work a minimum of 15 hours per week to ensure confident, strong ABA skills and understanding of ABA processes and frameworks.
  • TLC therapists receive first aid training annually and have valid working with children checks.
  • TLC therapists are covered by our workers compensation and public liability insurance.

Initial and ongoing parent/family training and support

  • All families accessing TLC services receive personalised initial training about ABA with specific instructions on how to use these new found skills at home with their children.
  • All families accessing TLC services receive ongoing training to ensure that skills being taught within the program are being demonstrated outside of the therapeutic setting.
  • Research shows the children have an increased chance at success in their ABA programs when there is parental involvement.

Our clients attend clinics

  • Our consultants use a combination of data, feedback from parents and therapists and observation of the child in the clinical setting to make programming decisions.
  • We strongly believe that we need to observe and get to know our clients to be able to program to suit their needs.

Intensive programs require intensive supervision

  • Any clients accessing intense therapy services will receive fortnightly supervision of their programs.
  • Programs are more successful and errors are minimised when therapists and clients have regular access to a consultant to guide the program forward.
  • In the long term, this intensive supervision will lead to shorter programs and increased success.

Truly individualised programs

  • We design programs that suit our clients’ strengths as well as their family dynamics and circumstances. We design flexible programs around your goals and your needs.
  • We understand that every child is different and so is every family.

We understand that we play a specific role within your team

  • We are here to empower you and guide you!
  • We can be your support and your advisor to ensure you make fully informed decisions about your child\’s future.