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At TLC, we recognise that everyone is an individual. Each and every program we deliver is custom designed. Our programs can be short term, long term, intensive or non-intensive. We use the strengths and learning styles of each client, as well as family goals and preferences, to design each treatment plan. By combining an individualised program with our comprehensive curriculum, we ensure our clients achieve effective, functional and successful outcomes no matter what their age and ability. Our goal is to help you learn, to succeed!

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Each TLC client is assigned a Consultant, who designs an individualised treatment plan and manages all clinical aspects of the program. 


TLC Consultants, Senior Therapists and Therapists work with clients in their homes, schools or work-places to provide one-to-one behavioural intervention and treatment following the program written by the Consultant. Providing high quality therapy based on proven research is our priority.

School Support

TLC Consultants, Senior Therapists and Therapists work with clients in the school environment to ensure appropriate generalisation of skills mastered in the home setting.


The Workshop Consultation program is designed to provide services to families around the world. TLC’s Consultants travel to regional and interstate locations in Australia and around the world, providing families, and the local therapists they hire, with ABA training and program consultancy.

Service streams

At TLC, we believe that learning never stops! We design and deliver custom treatment programs for individuals of all ages and abilities. 




Welcome to The Learning Clinic

Vision, Mission and Core Values

The Learning Clinic has a long history of ABA services in Australia. We are one of Sydney’s oldest and most experienced ABA service providers, helping children, adolescents and adults with autism to learn, grow and succeed since January 1997.

Over the last 20 years, we have treated hundreds of individuals with Autism, Asperger’s, learning differences, speech delays, challenging behaviours, global delay and a variety of other diagnoses and challenges. In 2013, Karen Wong and Aarathy Kumar took over full ownership and The Learning Clinic was founded with an emphasis on providing local services for local families.

We pride ourselves in delivering state of the art services based on internationally recognised best practices, research and gold standard training; whilst also focusing on local practices, funding concerns and families and being able to help the wider community.