Pengyu Chen


Pengyu joined TLC in 2017. He is currently in his 3rd year of Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney. Pengyu has previously worked as a tutor for children of all ages, and has assisted in running extracurricular activities for both primary schools and high schools. As part of his course, he has provided speech…

Chloe Tutt


Chloe joined TLC in 2017 and is currently completing her studies in Psychology and Law at Macquarie University. She aspires to go on to complete a Masters in Psychology at Macquarie. She has previously enjoyed helping young people reach their full potential through involvement with the Australian Army Cadets. She looks forward to developing skills…

Zach Wilkinson


Zach joined TeamTLC in 2017. He is currently in the third year of a Bachelor of Psychology at The University of Sydney. Zach’s previous experience working with children comes through volunteering both in the local community and abroad. This includes The Starlight Foundation, NSW Boccia, The Smith Family and working as a volunteer teacher overseas.…

Anna Latham


Anna is currently in her third year of Speech, Hearing and Language sciences at Macquarie University. Her long term goal is to become a qualified Speech and Language Pathologist. Anna has joined TLC because she enjoys working with children having worked at a local primary school before and after day care centre. She is passionate…

Naiha Seepaul


Naiha joined TLC in 2017. She is currently completing the last year of a Bachelor of Psychology at the Western Sydney University. She has worked with children for the past eight years and is passionate about teaching children and takes pride in being part of that learning process. Throughout her degree, she has also enjoyed…

Josanne Adam


Josanne joined The Learning Clinic in 2017. She has an Honours degree in Psychology from South Africa. Prior to joining TLC Josanne has worked as a Teacher and Trauma Counsellor in South Africa. She has a passion for watching others grow and helping their full potential.

Aileen Chen


Aileen joined TLC in 2016 and recently completed the honours year of her psychology degree at the University of New South Wales. Aileen has previously volunteered as a research assistant at Centre for Parent-Child Studies whilst on exchange at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. She is passionate about developmental psychology and seeks to motivate each child to…

Eunjee Hong


Eunjee joined TLC in 2016 and has completed her bachelor degree in psychology at the University of Sydney. She has experience with teaching primary school children and loves to see her children learn and grow. She joined the TLC team as she is passionate about developmental psychology and helping children and their families through early…

Cynthia Calaitzopoulos


Cynthia joined TeamTLC in 2016 and is completing her undergraduate degree of a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Child and Community at Western Sydney University. Her career with children has stemmed from her passion and love for being a role model and a friend to these kids. She believes that no matter the age,…

Emma Finn

Senior Therapist

Emma has completed her Bachelor Degree in Counselling from Bond University, Queensland. She has joined the team at TLC because she is passionate about assisting individuals and their families to achieve their goals through fun and effective ABA practices. She believes in the importance of early intervention to help strengthen the family unit and assist…